Use of Cashless Payment Solutions for generating business revenue

Every successful businessman will always aim at taking his business to new heights. As per the current scenario, it is very important to know that how cashless payment solutions play a vital role in the success of any business. The way to reach the targeted customers for any company is changing with the exponential growth in the technology. The use of the top trending technologies made the businesses ruling today. The youth becomes technology savvy day by day as the use of cashless applications in India are growing inevitably these days.


Cashless Payment Solutions: An introduction

Cashless payment Applications are nothing but the applications that allow the users to buy any product or service without paying cash in person. A person can avail the products or services by using credit/debit cards. Even a person can manage all the finances from home by simply using such applications.

Need for Cashless Payment Applications:

Recently, an initiative is taken by honorable Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi to eradicate Black Money from India. On 8th November 2016 the demonetization of old currency (Rs 500 and Rs 1000) was announced by the Indian government with a step to take India to a cashless future. He laid emphasis on the need to eliminate or reduce the cash transactions in near future. This initiative resulted in a sudden spike in terms of using the cashless applications.

With this decision, the daily operations of the businesses got affected adversely. We all know that payments are of great importance for any business. But, because of demonetization, it became difficult for business to get hold of enough 100 Rupee notes to return as a change to all the potential customers. This scheme has given a drastic boost to cashless transactions in India.

Nowadays, people started adopting the cashless payment methods for various purposes like payment of bills, shopping, booking tickets for watching a movie, traveling, etc. The government has taken a major move for eradicating the black money from India by changing the currency. Soon, after demonetization, people started making cashless payments. Going cashless helped the people in saving their time.

Benefits of Cashless Economy:

  • The system became more transparent, scalable and more secure by the use of cashless applications.
  • It reduced the use of liquid money as all transactions are done by the digital means or by using credit/debit cards.
  • The process became easy to handle as it has eliminated the paperwork.
  • Helped in the expansion of banks as it is mandatory for every citizen to have a bank account.
  • Entrepreneurs are gaining opportunities to drive a new market in form of digital payment bank, e-wallet, and e-payments.
  • App developers have better market conditions to lure the market opportunities.
  • Terror Funding is gradually diminishing because of cashless economy.

Cashless Payment Solutions:

After demonetization, people started using mobile applications. India is working on becoming a cashless country soon. Here, we are providing some of the popular cashless payment solutions adopted by the people to make online or offline payments.

The most common option that the business owners are adopting for receiving payments is by using “Net Banking”.

I. Net-Banking: It is a method of transferring the funds online from your bank account to another bank account. This can be done through a mobile phone or a computer/ laptop.

It comprises of three types of services. A person can log in to his account on the Net and transfer money via:

  • National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT),
  • Real-time Gross Settlement (RTGS)
  • Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)

II. Plastic money: Plastic money includes credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards or Customer card/store card which are tangible in nature and are issued by the banks. These can be used for to make online purchases.

III. Mobile Wallets: This is the most popular virtual wallet that is being used by the customers on their mobile phones. Everyone started embracing the mobile wallets with open arms.The users of such applications store the cash on their mobiles and can use later to make any online or offline payments. You can store cash on the mobile to make online or offline payments.

There are different service providers who offer these wallets in the form of mobile applications. An individual can transfer the money into these wallets online using credit/debit card or Net banking. This means that every time you make an online purchase, you won’t have to provide your card details again and again.

The Best Mobile Wallets:

  • Samsung Pay
  • Apple Pay & Android Pay
  • PayPal
  • Alipay

The top Mobile Wallets that are being used in India:

  • Paytm
  • LIME
  • MobiKwik
  • AirTel Money
  • mRupee
  • Freecharge

Thus, in order to gain the best Return on Investment (ROI), businesses need to hire the experienced developers who are capable of building the superlative cashless mobile applications. The cashless payment solutions can surely take your business to the new level.


The skilled developers of iMOBDEV have earned a substantial experience to develop the cashless applications. Professionals at iMOBDEV are meant to develop the most scalable & robust cashless applications ensuring 100% client-satisfaction.


iMOBDEV Delegates @ GITEX Technology Week 2016

iMOBDEV executives are exhibiting the IT solutions @ GITEX, The World’s 3rd largest technology show held every year @ Dubai. It’s the 4th consecutive time, our superiors exhibit the innovative solutions @ mega technology exhibition cum conference. Representatives are stand by to demonstrate the prominent solutions to the show attendees. They talked technology on table personally with the visitors. Our delegates are focusing on the new sectors and the future of technology, that how technology solutions can help them to boost the business & stay ahead of the competitors.

Still, the show is op0en for all until tomorrow 5 pm. If you are supposed to visit 36th GITEX Technology week, then stop by our stall SR- E4, Sheikh Rashid Hall. iMOBDEV Technologies executives are awaiting to welcome you to converse on the possible solutions. Don’t have an entry pass? No worries at all! Give us a call on +971554760674 / +91 815 506 3838 for free gate pass arrangements. Stay tuned for more updates from GITEX Technology Week 2016!

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Happy business! 



iMOBDEV delegates will exhibit at GITEX DUBAI 2016 for the cloud computing, digital marketing, iCities and Internet of Things as well. The experienced techies will be there to demonstrate the IT services. Any interested candidate can visit the stand and can interact with the executives directly. Company representatives will demonstrate already delivered projects for the above mentioned services and technologies.

GITEX Technology Week 2016 Dubai

Are you looking for the IT solution to shape up your business? Take a formal visit to the stall and feel free to communicate your project with the delegates present over there.

iMOBDEV is always open to deliver the Enterprise mobile solutions to the businesses & organizations of any size. Business executives take a guarantee to provide the most practical and innovative IT solutions whether it is a start-up, mid-size business or the big organization.

Confirm your presence at GITEX Dubai 2016. Get a free ticket and meet iMOBDEV Techies at SR-E4, Sheikh Rasheed Hall, Dubai World Trade Centre during 16 to 20 October 2016.

100% quality solutions for your best ROI.


GITEX Dubai 2016 is all set to shake the Technology Market

36th GITEX Technology Week Dubai is ready to rock in the digital world. This time with the new agenda, tech giants have started preparation to demonstrate their tech services. Worldwide techies are excited to attend the GITEX Dubai 2016.

Gitex Technology Week 2016 - iMOBDEV

It’s 36th GITEX Technology week coming which focuses on the electronics and Information Technology. The international conference is held at the Dubai World Trade Centre every year. This time, organizers of GITEX have announced 16- 20 October as the GITEX Technology week. Many new tweaks and innovations have been added this time to attract more professionals. Head into GITEX 2015 coverage and experience technology!

GITEX has been considered as the third largest technology event on the planet. Anybody who has attended the global tech event last time will never miss a chance to grab the opportunity. It directly gives an access to the thousands of professionals with the same interest & which can be easily converted into the clients. This year it’s tag line is “Re-imagining Realities” and under that the new sectors to be focused are, Virtual Reality, Augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence, Wearables, Smart Living & Digital Marketing. In a fast paced, interconnected world, GITEX Dubai 2016 bridges the gap between the technology sellers and buyers. Exhibitors can interact directly with the visitors under one roof.

After doing the survey on “Interest of Techno Geeks” highly focused subjects for this time are,

  • AR / VR / Artificial Intelligence
  • Smart Living and Wearables
  • Digital Marketing, Drones
  • Robotics, iCities
  • 3D Printing
  • Start-ups

Anyone would love to attend GITEX 2016 due to some power packed factors and focus points such as,

  • App Hack
  • CSI Lab
  • Student Lab
  • GITEX Tech Talks
  • GSM Exchange
  • Startup

Here are the solid reasons to visit GITEX without fail:

  • Boost your knowledge in the field of technology
  • Widen your professional network including your fellow industry experts
  • Series of live product demonstrations to power up the next industry transformation
  • Be aware of the future of technology
  • Join the forces who are driving the tech innovations

GITEX Dubai 2016 is implementing a new agenda this time which can be directly related to your business. Learn from the International thought leaders who are going to take the initiative of implementing the modern technologies. The speakers being successful in their particular profession are going to address the intelligent audience present over there. This is never to be missed chance as you can understand which technology is going to impact your company. The interesting agenda and out of the box strategy they are going to follow this time is,

  • Marketing Monday
  • Healthcare Monday
  • Finance Tuesday
  • Retail Wednesday
  • Education Wednesday
  • Energy Thursday

By this way, the folks can have a closer look into the technology affecting the industry. They are launching these vertical days with an objective to achieve maximum targeting.

The other main attention of GITEX Technology Week 2016 is the largest global start-up movement. Start-ups from 300+ will have a platform through which they can talk their success and convince the 400+ investors and 20,000 CXOs. Startup movement conference agenda is also crystal clear and to be handled by the superiors of the specific field.


Let’s have a look at the features of GITEX Dubai 2016. Which are really interesting. The technology inspired competitions are organized to boost the excitement:

  • App Hack: The special Hackthon is organized for the professionals of IT field. This is an interesting competition for the tech giants who can give their hands to develop ideas for next generation smart city solutions. Designers, Developers or Entrepreneurs can take part into this and prove their proficiency. The winners will be awarded by the organizers.
  • Student Lab Award: The contest is all about the innovation you come up with. The students (18 years old or above) attending a Mega tech event can participate into this. Students have to implement their smartness and craft innovative solutions by utilizing engineering, technology, science & computing. The submissions must be any software solution, gaming, application or product innovation. The best three will be appreciated with the prizes.
  • Connexions: Networking programrs: Connexions Elite is the extra service facilitate the professionals with a closed to a room to have a meeting with the influential professions. The dedicated one-on-one managers will be there to build a connection and reach the potential industry contacts for meeting on pre-defined prospects. The other two programs introduced are, GITEX country connects customized networking program & CIO connect program.
  • Country Connect: In this program the Government officials can directly deal or partner with global investors and premier tech companies for public well-being. It is the stand on which the professionals meet perfect partners for the current and future government projects. The best strategy to connect with the companies which are actually interested in doing and expanding business in your country.
  • CIO Connect program: This program is meant to offer the opportunities to meet and socialize with the leading industries & Government CIOs under one roof . This integrated program gives a chance for the top partners to have meeting with the CIO’s across the world.
  • MAJLIS: This feature is only applicable to the C-Suite executives belong to the technology industry. To get the MAJLIS tickets, you need to apply for that. The applications are accepted by the organizers. Exclusive benefits are there for the executives with MANJLIS tickets:

» Entry & access to the C-Level MAJLIS Lounge

» Complementary Food and beverages are included

» Secure Wi-Fi connection available

» Official show catalogue & complementary welcome pack

» Grab the chance to Pre-arrange meetings with “Connectxions MAJLIS”, “VIP MAJLIS”

  • GSM Exchange: This program is dedicated to the mobile phone distributors and traders. GsmExchange offers the separate trade zone pavilion. This year, UAE’s leading trading companies, buyers and suppliers of mobile phones, consumer electronics, accessories, wearable convergence are expected to make the event successful. Hall 6A within Dubai World Trade Centre is allocated for the same.

If you are supposed to GITEX Technology Week 2016, then you must not miss to know about the show sectors. These critical sectors are creating excitement from many years and still continue to grow exponentially at GITEX:


  • Cloud Computing: Cloud infrastructure is growing technology and the predictors say that it will grow at 30% CAGR until 2018. Even the global SaaS revenues are also forecasted to reach $ 10 Billion in 2016. The cloud computing will upend the way businesses buy & use technology. The folks can make the inquiry to exhibit for this trending topic as well.
  • Mobility Solutions: World is going mobile. Enterprises have increased demands for the mobile app development. At GITEX, the professionals will surely seek the best solution providers for their requirements. Make sure that you are available when the professionals are looking for your mobility services. Many visitors are expected to visit GITEX Dubai 2016 for getting the mobility solutions. Even the global leading companies delivering mobility solutions have registered themselves.

Almost each category belonged to mobility solutions was there in a limelight during GITEX Dubai 2015. This time, the exhibitors are supposed to represent the updated technologies and trends for the same categories.

  • Security: In the digital marketing world, Data security is a big concern. In the wake of technology, Each company or organization is looking for the solid security solutions. Specifically for the Internet of Things, cloud and mobility solutions, innovators are going to demonstrate the smart solutions to strengthen the IT security.
  • Enterprise Hardware & Software: Enterprises are accepting the advanced procedures to decrease the interference of human resource. Enterprise Hardware & Software solutions will create a buzz as entrepreneurs will show their interest. Showcase the latest trends and technologies being a key decision maker to influence the business giants. Launch the software for office work & revolutionize the way entrepreneurs do business.

Considering the success of GITEX 2015, techies are more excited to make it a successful event this time as well. Attend the mega show whether being the visitor, exhibitor or speaker. But, grab the opportunity to explore the technology world. Free tickets are also available for the attendees.

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On 7th Anniversary, iMobians had a two days tremendous trip

Tremendous two days…!!! It’s a 7th time that iMobains are celebrating the foundation day. Finally, we were living the most awaited day of the year. 7 years back, 19th July is the date on which the iMOBDEV was established. On this wonderful occasion, the box of surprises opened up with great cheers. As a bumper bonanza, we celebrated two smashing days with great enthusiasm. Back to back surprises revealed were creating too much fun.


For more photos of iMOBDEV’s 7th Anniversary Celebrations,
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And…here are the glimpses of the festivities we enjoyed during the fantastic two days: Departed from Ahmedabad to Lake city, Checked into the resort, poolside fun, pool games, cricket match, conference arranged, warm welcome to directors, cake cutting & opened up the bottle of champagne, Director speech, Award Ceremony, Fun Games, DJ Party, Indoor games, iMOBDEV’s Got Talent, and much more.


For more photos of iMOBDEV’s 7th Anniversary Celebrations,
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Finally, the wait was over…and the 7th annual success party began in the ravishingly decorated conference hall..!!! Still, the beautifully dressed iMobians were adding a charm. All the employees took their positions behind the entrance door and gave a warm welcome to the respective directors “Mr. Deepak Patel” and “Mr. Jignesh Brahmkhatri” in the iMobians way. The celebration started off with a traditional style. Directors welcomed the 8th year by lightning Diya. With the presence of all iMobians, they cut the cake for completing 7 successful years in the industry. A bottle of new goals was opened up as a part of a celebration. Inauguration speeches of both Directors were enough to gear up the energy in all iMobians. The best talents of iMOBDEV, a top app development company got the momentos and awards by both the directors.

App Development Company iMOBDEV's 7th Inception Day Celebrations (2)

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Without playing games, we never end any celebration! So of course, this time Celebration team being creative came with the multiple group games to make the event more memorable. Everyone was captured enjoying the games. And of course, we rocked the dance floor by dancing crazily on our favorite songs.

After having delicious breakfast, ravishing moments were spent in the property of resort. Imobians went mad in the swimming pool. Anybody can easily notice the peak level of excitement after seeing the crazy guys and girls dancing on the trending songs and playing the pool games.


For more photos of iMOBDEV’s 7th Anniversary Celebrations,
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As the iMobians have sporty spirit, the series of matches was arranged for the iMobians VS iMobains. The combined team of designers & developers won the trophy due to their sporty spirit and great performance during the whole series. Mr. Manoj was given “Man of the Match” for two matches and Mr. Tauseef Anwar got “Man of the Match” title for his tough bowling.


For more photos of iMOBDEV’s 7th Anniversary Celebrations,
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Still, this is not an end! The other day raised with a happy note. We had sight seen and had boating, palace visit and lots of shopping.

Still, all were fresh and their batteries were still charged to rock. The return journey was more excited as we played many games like Antakshari, Damsharaz, iMOBDEV’s got Talent, Mimicry, etc. After thanking both the directors our trip came to an end.


For more photos of iMOBDEV’s 7th Anniversary Celebrations,
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But still, in the next day post-event excitement is on. People are still talking about the great time they had and mesmerizing the wonderful moments spent together..!!!

As iMobDEV has stepped into the 8th year, all are pumped up with the great energy and feel motivated to perform well and meet the future goals. 7 is just a number for iMOBDEV. Still, many more to go…

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6 steps to be followed for mobile app localization


Localization of Mobile Applications is in the centre point, as an importance of localization has been proved in a market. As per the recently revealed data, the apps which have focused more on localization get good response. Clearly it has been seen that, localized apps are dominating in the market. In general, app owners only focus on the English language. They have to consider that, not everyone speaks English. The developers sometimes find it a stressful task, but it is not stressful actually. Smart work always makes the complicated things easy. The steps that developers must take for Mobile app localization are mentioned here.

1. Take a decision for the app supportive countries

The developers have option to launch the apps in specific countries. So, their decision must be final that for which countries they want to make their apps available. Some app owners just wanted to release their app for particular countries like, English speaking countries & not worldwide.

2. App store description language translation

In general, the apps launched targeting worldwide users make the app functions available in different languages. But, when it comes to App store description, it leaves a very first impression when someone reaches to the link of that particular app. Developers must have to translate the app store description before releasing the app. This step is important as users first reach here & understand the approach, uses & benefits of using app through the description.

3. App Text Isolation

There will be a good effect, if each line of text is explained with the unique identifier. Organizing each line in a spreadsheet leaves a good impact before translation. Isolation makes the easy reference. Isolation grabs the user attention easily, hence particularly for the localization, developers must go for it.

4. Translation of each sentence into targeted language

When the app publisher decides to localize the mobile app, a very first decision he has to make is that it will support to which countries. There is a thumb rule of ‘EFIGS’, which an ordinary developer follows while localizing the app. The ‘EFIGS’ represents languages such as English, French, Italian, German & Spanish. The translation must be in a proper language. Freelancer translators can help to deliver properly translated material. When you are thinking to use free translating tools such as Google Translator, they may have grammatical errors. So each time, utilization of Google translation is not strongly recommended. In the case to offer in-app support Google Translate is a good option.

  • Adding Independent “Language Setting”
    Some folks also prefer to use apps of non-native languages. They prefer to use non native languages app for varied reasons. Specifically, the people doing overseas businesses & living in regions where multiple languages are used for communication use these sorts of apps. Language setting option adds a good value to the app as people can utilize app services with their convenience. This will make an easy way for the language learners as well.

5. Redesign

After translating the text in other languages, Mobile app developers may have to make some design changes. The same sentence written in the other language may have more words. This may lead some changes in designing. So, developer may find imperfection after translation. Otherwise, it may happen that you find a screen space small to fit a text with increased words.

6. Focus on cultural differences

Keep in mind that, each language has its own rules & culture to follow. So, when you are localizing an app targeting the specific country, stuck to the culture & language rules strictly. If you do not follow the same, then it intensively leaves a negative impact on the users’ minds. It is compulsory to follow the orders of languages. For ex. If you are targeting U.S region, then a right way to write 1st March is ’03/01′. And if your target country is France, then it must be March. 3. Other point to be noted here is, some languages are read right to left. Hence, the languages such as Arabic must be right aligned.

Experts of App Store Optimization have pointed out many benefits of localization & internationalization. This is a basic marketing strategy that breaks the limits of usage. When you don’t localize an app, you directly loss a good number of potential users who actually prefer a specific language. Mobile App Localization & internationalization are the relatively simple processes when a developer do it smartly.

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How Will Internet of Things Affect Businesses

6 Points The Internet of Things will Affect Businesses

How Will Internet of Things Affect Businesses

The communicating devices are hopefully the sizzling topics to focus for the upcoming era. Internet – connected devices will affect the way of living. All the big organizations & companies are moving towards the mentality of Internet-of-things. In average company, the biometric device to track the records & big data centres is a big step towards the Internet of Things (IoT). In online business the word IoT has become hot topic & discussed frequently among the techies.

Definitely this brand new approach is going to alter the whole process of doing business, manage the tasks & maintaining the relationships with clients. An acquisition of ultimate approach depends on the size of organization & on which level the officials implement the technology in their companies. If you are a business owner & still not aware of the positive sides of Internet of Things that can affect your business & uplift it by optimizing the smart ways. Reach the next generation of customers by adopting most recent techniques offered by the industry leaders. Here is the overall points noticed that you can apply in your business to get good outcomes from the clients.

1. Cloud Technology:

Cloud computing was in a trend during the 2014. Internet of Things(IoT) is relevant to that term. Integration of the things over the seas is the future of each business sector. Doing the business worldwide expands your opportunities. If there is a flexibility to satisfy all business demands smoothly, officials can of course take it to the new heights! The smart Internet of Things plans include a management of cloud-based business plans.

2. Smarter products:

IoT has made a life living very comfortable & simpler. Device manufacturers get inspiration to develop beyond the expectation products with smart functions. These smart products generate the requirements of customers that even do not exist before. When we talk about the phones, users were expecting a calling. Being digital & to be connect with the global world was the requirement that is generated by offering convenient features & facilities. Many more industries who have adopted the IoT are in a plan to launch the superficial devices. Boost up your business by hiring the professionals who can work for you to offer extremely competence products & services.

3. Have a full Control on your business:

IoT impels all the business related things to be in your control & assistance. Specifically, IT departments can be easily managed from the remote locations. With the help of Internet connected devices, Telecommunications & IT giants are supposed to lead the industry. The global IT conferences & exhibitions for digital world also focus on the Internet of Things as a hottest topic of the current era.

4. Time saving ultimate outcomes:

With the IoT, all complex business processes are controlled with the help of remote. Your smartphones & gadgets simply become a remote & you operate them in a routine. Sensors & smart equipments can eliminate your time you actually consume in doing a specific task. Automated & smartly programmed machines & gadgets assure the accurate outcomes with compare to the manual machines.

5. Security challenges:

The focal point for IOT is that, it collects, store, manage & transfer huge amount of data due to more connected devices. Hence, cyber criminals & attackers get maximum chances to corrupt the system. Businesses of all sizes must consider security constrain while making a plan of IoT. Yes, risk is more while adopting the strategy of digitalization. Hiring smart resources who can set all the devices in a proper manner & with a secure connectivity. If anybody consider this topic as a reason of avoiding IoT, then it is not a good decision for a company’s wealth.

6. Changes in a business model:

Equipment connectivity came up with the certain changes in a business model. If we take example of corporate office with a good number of employees, now manages employee’s attendance, data sheet, etc using internet connected devices. Companies can have separate devices for input entry & output entry. Hence, by this way changes are accepted for business model.

Do you still want to know more about Internet of Things(IoT)? Want a brief description on digitalization? How IT companies can help you in taking the step towards digitalization? Actually looking for the prominent outsourcing service provider? CeBIT is an international event for the digital business where Internet of Things is discussed by the industry giants.


In all the industries, automation is preferred with the less use of manpower. Techies predict that, when the wave of IoT will be at its peak, companies with lacking of technology may be left in a dust. Replacing the technology in machines and equipments by making sure that all components are fully integrated with new gear of technology.

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Why hiring dedicated app developer is a worth decision?

The professionals think before dealing with the outsourcing app development companies. But, many clients appraise the work of dedicated developers from remote location and point out it as the best decision.

Offshore development clients at least think once before dealing with the company that is far away from their location. As the digitalization, the distances over the seas do not matter, when there is a matter of doing business. Over the seas, people have become more professional & follow business ethics while dealing with the global clients. There is not at all a risk to hire dedicated mobile app developer or a team from the offshore company.

The professionals hunting for the talented professionals to interpret their ideas into apps must hire app development team who serves for outsourcing. The app development companies indicate ultimate benefits Offshore app development. Less time consumption, no training cost, implementation of latest technology, quality work, quick interaction directly with the developer, comparatively reasonable development cost, etc. are the main benefits of hiring a development team from remote location. Let you have better idea with the example.

Let’s look into one app developed by the Offshore company so you can come to a conclusion.

SURE – Recipe Sharing Mobile App: (Android | iOS)

Basically, a recipe sharing app SURE is developed by an outsourcing company. Client was agree to hire development team from remote location as he has heared positive reviews of many offshore mobile app development companies India. Along with the business development team, he discussed that he wants a recipe sharing app with stunning graphics & flawless features. After a project meet through the communication model, he dealt with one of the top IT companies India. Client was in constant touch with the team and guide for each step to be taken. As a result, developers handed over a superior app for people fond of cooking. Anyone can upload, read, print recipes of multi-cuisine dishes & plan a menu.

The client of SURE app talks on the pros & cons of hiring a dedicated developers. Here are the words of client himself differentiating advantages & disadvantages.


  • I was constantly connected with the professionals through communication medium.
  • I felt that, I directly acquired a team of adroit professionals who concentrated only on my project.
  • Team was ready to work for me anytime, when I call them for my queries.
  • I need not to develop an infrastructure as the work was running remotely
  • I got work from the industry superiors with minimum cost


  • Initially, when we started the partnership, there was somewhat trouble due to different time zone. But, once we set each other’s schedule to communicate with mutual understanding, the work was going fine.

By taking the example of live app & experience of actual client, anybody seeking for the IT services have better idea about this. Sometimes, the professionals actually does not understand the difference between hiring a freelancer and offshore development company. Some of the clients think that, the both hiring processes are same. But, this thinking is not right, let me make it clear.

The freelancers work individually and have proficiency to deal with specific technology. So, if you are looking for the expert of one or two technology, you can consult freelancer. But, the lacking point to hire them is almost of them do the other jobs simultaneously, hence you may not get quick response and service at the time you want.

On the other side, there are many reputed companies who take the outsourcing projects only. They are committed to their work and hire full time employees to assist each client. Hence, there is a vast difference in hiring an individual freelancer or company.

The offshore app development company has in-house teams to follow a complete app development life cycle. You can get research, design, coding, testing, maintenance, and marking tasks done from the one prominent resource only. The conclusion is, There is a list of reasons that partnering with the offshore app development company is a good decision.

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A new version update iOS 9.3 comes up with the interesting roll-outs

The most exciting update iOS 9.3 arrives with the striking brand new features and of-course some minor tweaks. Resources say that most probably, it will be the last version of iOS 9. The interesting features along with bug fixes generate a buzz around the new update iOS 9.3.

1. Night Shift:

Techies of Apple Inc. has introduced amazing new feature named “Night Shift”. The users get irritated while operating their phones and tables at night due to blue light on display. This feature will automatically detect geolocation and time zone. According to that, when it is dark night the screen display colors get warmer. For your eyes it becomes easy to interact with the warmer colours at night. Find the features in device setting > display and brightness. By changing the settings, users can have a comfortable interaction as the orange light gets darker.

Night Shift Feature in iOS 9.3

2. Password protection for Notes:

Users have habit to save their credentials and other sensitive information in the notes. You can set the password or Touch ID to access the notes. To take advantage of this feature, users need to enable it. To do so, go to the settings > notes> password protection. Open a particular note that you want to make protected, select the share icon & then “Password protect note”. The iOS 9.3 allows users to sort the notes with respect to date created, date edited or Title.

Password Protect Note iOS 9.3 Feature

3. 3D touch shortcuts:

For the stock apps, this time apple is lending with the 3D touch feature. Get shortcuts for weather, settings, health and compass related apps. When users create the 3D touch shortcuts, it becomes quick & easy to use that particular app. Find the frequently used functionalities at your finger tips. How to use 3D touch new technology in your iPhone?

4. Additions in news:

Some interesting updates are there in the most recent iOS 9.3 update. Apple will suggest you a list of curated content that you will like most probably. This is a minor update but offers better search results. Find the new landscape mode for news with iOS 9.3 update. For pleasant interaction, the new swipe gestures to save, share, like or dislike buttons, mute and block gestures are launched.

Additions in news feature in ios 9.3

5. Wi-Fi Assist:

Sometimes it happens that Wi-Fi connectivity is very poor and browsing becomes worst experience. Users manually need to switch over from the Wi-Fi connection to Data connectivity. iOS device users will be able to see that how much data is used by Wi-Fi Assist. This is a slight change in the Wi-Fi assist and users will surely welcome this extended feature.

Wi-Fi Assist Feature in iOS 9.3

Image Source :

6. Health app support:

The health conscious people find the Health app more useful as the new update in health app is going to provide more precise data for health and wellness. iOS 9.3 is a perfect update for the users who require more accurate apps for information on health and fitness category like, weights, workout, etc. Health app also suggests the most relevant third party apps for fitness. The health app collects user exercise and activity data from Apple watch and displays it.

Health App Support Feature ios 9.3

7. Pairing of multiple apple watches:

Good news for the developers of iOS app development companies who need to check their app on different Apple watch hardware. iOS 9.3 beta version facilitates to pair multiple Apple Watches with one iPhone. Hence, the folks having two Apple watches will find this update very convenient.

Pairing of multiple apple watches

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Updates and New Releases from Apple Inc. are always awaited and folks are always excited to update their knowledge in this regard. The recent version update iOS 9.3 is absolutely exciting with the slight changes and new feature updates.

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Meet us at CeBIT 2016 Germany - iMobdev

Let’s Meet @ CeBIT Hannover 2016 – iMobDev – Infographic

CeBIT is a global event for Digital Business.

Digital meet where the worldwide IT service providers, users, internet companies, and investors come together. It is a Global meet for the professionals belonging to digital community.


iMOBDEV to demonstrate the intelligent web and mobility solutions and services in the Global Conference CeBIT 2016 during 14-18 March, 2016 at Stand No. C36, Hall 002 Hannover Exhibition Grounds, Messegelände, D-30521 Hannover, Germany.

iMobdev to showcase Web Mobile App Design Development Solutions at CeBIT 2016

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