GITEX Dubai 2016 is all set to shake the Technology Market

36th GITEX Technology Week Dubai is ready to rock in the digital world. This time with the new agenda, tech giants have started preparation to demonstrate their tech services. Worldwide techies are excited to attend the GITEX Dubai 2016.

Gitex Technology Week 2016 - iMOBDEV

It’s 36th GITEX Technology week coming which focuses on the electronics and Information Technology. The international conference is held at the Dubai World Trade Centre every year. This time, organizers of GITEX have announced 16- 20 October as the GITEX Technology week. Many new tweaks and innovations have been added this time to attract more professionals. Head into GITEX 2015 coverage and experience technology!

GITEX has been considered as the third largest technology event on the planet. Anybody who has attended the global tech event last time will never miss a chance to grab the opportunity. It directly gives an access to the thousands of professionals with the same interest & which can be easily converted into the clients. This year it’s tag line is “Re-imagining Realities” and under that the new sectors to be focused are, Virtual Reality, Augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence, Wearables, Smart Living & Digital Marketing. In a fast paced, interconnected world, GITEX Dubai 2016 bridges the gap between the technology sellers and buyers. Exhibitors can interact directly with the visitors under one roof.

After doing the survey on “Interest of Techno Geeks” highly focused subjects for this time are,

  • AR / VR / Artificial Intelligence
  • Smart Living and Wearables
  • Digital Marketing, Drones
  • Robotics, iCities
  • 3D Printing
  • Start-ups

Anyone would love to attend GITEX 2016 due to some power packed factors and focus points such as,

  • App Hack
  • CSI Lab
  • Student Lab
  • GITEX Tech Talks
  • GSM Exchange
  • Startup

Here are the solid reasons to visit GITEX without fail:

  • Boost your knowledge in the field of technology
  • Widen your professional network including your fellow industry experts
  • Series of live product demonstrations to power up the next industry transformation
  • Be aware of the future of technology
  • Join the forces who are driving the tech innovations

GITEX Dubai 2016 is implementing a new agenda this time which can be directly related to your business. Learn from the International thought leaders who are going to take the initiative of implementing the modern technologies. The speakers being successful in their particular profession are going to address the intelligent audience present over there. This is never to be missed chance as you can understand which technology is going to impact your company. The interesting agenda and out of the box strategy they are going to follow this time is,

  • Marketing Monday
  • Healthcare Monday
  • Finance Tuesday
  • Retail Wednesday
  • Education Wednesday
  • Energy Thursday

By this way, the folks can have a closer look into the technology affecting the industry. They are launching these vertical days with an objective to achieve maximum targeting.

The other main attention of GITEX Technology Week 2016 is the largest global start-up movement. Start-ups from 300+ will have a platform through which they can talk their success and convince the 400+ investors and 20,000 CXOs. Startup movement conference agenda is also crystal clear and to be handled by the superiors of the specific field.


Let’s have a look at the features of GITEX Dubai 2016. Which are really interesting. The technology inspired competitions are organized to boost the excitement:

  • App Hack: The special Hackthon is organized for the professionals of IT field. This is an interesting competition for the tech giants who can give their hands to develop ideas for next generation smart city solutions. Designers, Developers or Entrepreneurs can take part into this and prove their proficiency. The winners will be awarded by the organizers.
  • Student Lab Award: The contest is all about the innovation you come up with. The students (18 years old or above) attending a Mega tech event can participate into this. Students have to implement their smartness and craft innovative solutions by utilizing engineering, technology, science & computing. The submissions must be any software solution, gaming, application or product innovation. The best three will be appreciated with the prizes.
  • Connexions: Networking programrs: Connexions Elite is the extra service facilitate the professionals with a closed to a room to have a meeting with the influential professions. The dedicated one-on-one managers will be there to build a connection and reach the potential industry contacts for meeting on pre-defined prospects. The other two programs introduced are, GITEX country connects customized networking program & CIO connect program.
  • Country Connect: In this program the Government officials can directly deal or partner with global investors and premier tech companies for public well-being. It is the stand on which the professionals meet perfect partners for the current and future government projects. The best strategy to connect with the companies which are actually interested in doing and expanding business in your country.
  • CIO Connect program: This program is meant to offer the opportunities to meet and socialize with the leading industries & Government CIOs under one roof . This integrated program gives a chance for the top partners to have meeting with the CIO’s across the world.
  • MAJLIS: This feature is only applicable to the C-Suite executives belong to the technology industry. To get the MAJLIS tickets, you need to apply for that. The applications are accepted by the organizers. Exclusive benefits are there for the executives with MANJLIS tickets:

» Entry & access to the C-Level MAJLIS Lounge

» Complementary Food and beverages are included

» Secure Wi-Fi connection available

» Official show catalogue & complementary welcome pack

» Grab the chance to Pre-arrange meetings with “Connectxions MAJLIS”, “VIP MAJLIS”

  • GSM Exchange: This program is dedicated to the mobile phone distributors and traders. GsmExchange offers the separate trade zone pavilion. This year, UAE’s leading trading companies, buyers and suppliers of mobile phones, consumer electronics, accessories, wearable convergence are expected to make the event successful. Hall 6A within Dubai World Trade Centre is allocated for the same.

If you are supposed to GITEX Technology Week 2016, then you must not miss to know about the show sectors. These critical sectors are creating excitement from many years and still continue to grow exponentially at GITEX:


  • Cloud Computing: Cloud infrastructure is growing technology and the predictors say that it will grow at 30% CAGR until 2018. Even the global SaaS revenues are also forecasted to reach $ 10 Billion in 2016. The cloud computing will upend the way businesses buy & use technology. The folks can make the inquiry to exhibit for this trending topic as well.
  • Mobility Solutions: World is going mobile. Enterprises have increased demands for the mobile app development. At GITEX, the professionals will surely seek the best solution providers for their requirements. Make sure that you are available when the professionals are looking for your mobility services. Many visitors are expected to visit GITEX Dubai 2016 for getting the mobility solutions. Even the global leading companies delivering mobility solutions have registered themselves.

Almost each category belonged to mobility solutions was there in a limelight during GITEX Dubai 2015. This time, the exhibitors are supposed to represent the updated technologies and trends for the same categories.

  • Security: In the digital marketing world, Data security is a big concern. In the wake of technology, Each company or organization is looking for the solid security solutions. Specifically for the Internet of Things, cloud and mobility solutions, innovators are going to demonstrate the smart solutions to strengthen the IT security.
  • Enterprise Hardware & Software: Enterprises are accepting the advanced procedures to decrease the interference of human resource. Enterprise Hardware & Software solutions will create a buzz as entrepreneurs will show their interest. Showcase the latest trends and technologies being a key decision maker to influence the business giants. Launch the software for office work & revolutionize the way entrepreneurs do business.

Considering the success of GITEX 2015, techies are more excited to make it a successful event this time as well. Attend the mega show whether being the visitor, exhibitor or speaker. But, grab the opportunity to explore the technology world. Free tickets are also available for the attendees.

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